What Are Some Home Remedies For Curing Bacteria Vaginosis?


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Bacteria vaginosis is often caused when the body gets out of balance and an abundance of candida takes over. We all have good and bad bacteria in us, but with the over use of anti-biotics along with the over consumption of sugar and highly processed foods that quickly break down into simple sugars, it has allowed many to develop an outbreak of candida that in turn leads to things like vaginitis.

One the first things you might do is to take some pro-biotics. These can be found in your local health food store. You can also learn to include things like kimchi, tempeh, miso and natto into your weekly diet. Kimchi is a Korean food that is fermented cabbage with spices and herbs. Very delicious and a natural pro-biotic. Tempeh is traditional Indian food  and miso and natto are Japanese traditional foods. They are all delicious and are all natural pro-biotics that can help fight candida and reduce or elliminate out breaks of bacteria vaginosis.

For external use, try using apple cide vinegar on the affected area`s. For both external and internal help, eat more galic or apply externally to heal outbreaks.
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Bacterial vaginosis  the term used to describe the inflammation occurring in women vagina. If left untreated, this can lead to pain, itching sensation and even discharge. This problem appeared might be due to the balance level of bacteria in the vagina is disturbed or sometimes infections or even low level of estrogen after menopause.

I am willing to share with you several home remedies for this problem. They have been shown to be effective and cause no any side - effects.

1. Turmeric

Well-known for its anti-inflammatory and antibiotic properties, turmeric can help you decrease the swelling significantly and control the infections’ symptoms. Therefore, this herb is considers the top among the best home remedies for bacterial vaginosis besides garlic.

2. Cold Compress

  • Use a piece of clean cloth to wrap few ice cubes.
  • Apply onto your vagina for a minute.
  • After another minute of break, re-apply.
  • Perform for couples of time and remember to apply this remedy anytime needed.
  • Another option is cleansing your vagina using cold water for couples of time per day.
3. Chamomile

With a nature of relaxing and soothing, chamomile can effectively alleviate swelling and pain together with itching and burning sensation. This herb can effectively and efficiently alleviate the symptoms and assist you significantly in the bacterial infection natural treatment in the vagina.

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