What Is Fatigue?


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Fatigue is a state of the body in which one is excessively tired on a physical or mental level due to strenuous physical activity or intense mental activity involving great amount of concentration combined with a lack of sleep and rest and good nutrition in some cases it could be a sign of an under active thyroid gland or of depression.

It is typically characterized by an exhausted condition involving a feeling of lethargy, loss of strength and energy and the ability to think deeply. It is a relative term as each person has a different level and type of stamina and endurance and hence one person may not feel as exhausted as another while performing a certain activity. Fatigue can become chronic in nature if the stress producing activities are not tempered and the body is not allowed a rejuvenating period.

Fatigue is also a sign that the level of glucose or blood sugar and oxygen has dropped to extremely low levels and need to be replenished before commencing the activity again. This can be done by taking a break from the activity that one is doing and breathing deeply one should also take in instant energy giving foods or liquids containing proteins and carbohydrates like for example a piece of chocolate with nuts like almonds or a fruit like a banana.

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