I Feel Nausea, Fatigue, Headache, Abd Cramping, Lower Backache. What;'s The Matter?


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According to the NHS, there are several stages to ensuring that you get the right medical care. Although self diagnosis can have its advantages for solving minor medical complaints (using services such as www.netdoctor.com or NHS Choices), it's important that you use such sites responsibly and get a second opinion if you are in a considerable amount of pain. Over-the-counter remedies for nausea, headaches and cramps are available, but do bear in mind that these drugs may not complement one another, meaning that it may not be possible to take all of them at once.

Don't worry if the drugs you choose from a pharmacy aren't appearing to help. Your local GP will be more than happy to help diagnose your problem. Top tips for making the most out of an appointment include explaining exactly what the problem is, with as much honesty as possible. It is understandable that you will be in considerable discomfort, but exaggerating the symptoms won't be of any benefit to you or your doctor.

If the matter appears to be getting worse, walk-in centres in the UK will be more than happy to take a look at you. No appointment is required, although there can be a wait of a couple of hours when things begin to get quite busy. The same tips for making the most out of your appointment apply here.

A&E and ringing 999 are also things to consider, particularly if you are trying to look after somebody with these symptoms. If they also begin to complain of sharp pains in the chest, it can be vital that you act with urgency to ensure they receive medical attention.
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Umm sounds like symptoms of early preg. But could be numerous things. You should out rule pregnancy and see your dr. If symptoms persists. I sometimes get all of these symptoms when I'm due to get my period......I never did ask if you were male or female? Lol Stress is another factor that can create many physical symptoms (such as above)
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You may want to go to your primary car phys, or gyn doctor. Sounds like pregnancy, or something viral going on.
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I have the same symptoms...negative test for pregnancy but it may be too early...keeping prayer but if it's not what can it be????

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