Does Baking Soda Clean Urine Of Meth?


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In most cases, baking soda does not have the ability to clean urine of meth; despite popular belief. Not only can excessive consumption of meth result in addiction and many serious health problems, but ingesting excessive levels of baking soda to try and cheat a drug test can also compromise your wellbeing. This is because of how your stomach could begin to rupture, the baking soda could result in dangerously high levels of sodium in the blood, and the uncontrollable increase in your blood pressure that could be also by-product of your dangerous attempt.

If you need to take a drug test to show your ability to do your job, trying to cover up an addiction to meth can endanger your life and the wellbeing of others. There are many private rehabilitation centres that specialise in treating addictions to crystal meth, and through medication to ease withdrawal symptoms, the discomfort you experience during the detoxification process can be minimised.

By choosing an inpatient rehabilitation programme, you will also have the ability to receive individual counselling. Here, you will typically receive 60-minute sessions where you can talk to a counsellor in confidence about why you turned to meth in the first place. If you are channelling your negative emotions through drugs, these experts will also allow you to handle life’s difficulties in a constructive way that doesn’t endanger your health. Over time, and through continued outpatient treatments after you have been in a residential facility, you’ll have the chance to get back on track with your life, regaining the confidence to return to employment. Continued support will also prevent a relapse, meaning that you won’t have to worry about taking drug tests in the future.
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Yes. Drink a full glass of water with three tablespoons of baking soda in it the night before your urine test. Take one good pee in the morning and the next two or three will be clean. For faster acting use four tablespoons. It will give you the runs but after they pass your urine will be clean.
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If i drink it the night before like said, should i wait till morning to pee or if i can through out the night go ahead?
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Well im not a meth user I was a crack head but i have been clean for 1yr and mouth but on thursday i smoked meth and did nt stop untill today around 5 30 so if i do the baking soda drink how long will it be out of my urine
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Not under new and improved drug testing methods being implemented by the Federal Government and the baking soda could show up as a covering agent
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Yes get a bottle of msm and a brand new box of baking soda, empty 50 caps. And refill them with baking soda take them in increments: 10 every 15 mins and the last 10 1/2 hour from the last 15 min. . You have to give the baking soda time to work so plan ahead and kick back, by the toilet . After using the bathroom 2 or 3 times then go ua.
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These fuxking morons dont know what they are talking about. Take it from someone who speaks from experience.

Hardest part is ingesting 3 tablespoons of baking soda, you may use empty gel caps or be a savage and mix with a little bit of water taking it like a shot and chasing with more water or juice.. Just make sure you ingest it and follow up with 8oz water.

Resist the urge to puke as this will fuxk every thing up and you will have to start again.

After aprrox. 1 hour of ingesting you will have the immediate urge to use the toilet, you will be on the toilet for a good 20 mins with the runs, at this time you should drink water while waiting on toiket. After the runs die down and you have pissed minimum of 1-2 times. You have. 2-3 hour window where you will piss clean. Your piss will even look clear so you might wanna drink gatoraid to give coloring.

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Yes it most certainly does! It also makes you pass a driving test and a pilot test. Fabulous, underrated stuff that baking soda.  Self-raising flour also improves your credit rating and your bank balance.
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Drink your own urine is a study that we at London University found to be successful and you may think YUCK or EWW or even "wait by drinking my own urine I am just recycling the chemical back through my body!" but when you drink your own urine again and again your stomach acids break down what's left of the chemical thus erasing any traces of the chemical from your body. Drink your own urine 3 times a day for about 2-3 days.
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No. Only avoiding meth, eating properly, staying well hydrated & allowing the drug to leave your system naturally.
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It takes 30-45 for a drug to clear your system if you do that drug everyday. No amount of water or whatever concoction you take will get it of your system. As the person before stated you should not be taking drugs without a doctors prescription.
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You can pass a drug test by not doing drugs.unless you have a doctors prescription.
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I don't think your choice of words is good, and either is your habit. Maybe it's time to not pass and to get caught and get sober. Think about it.

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