How Many And What Kind Of Sleeping Pills Would It Take To Kill Someone?


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To answer the question of how many sleeping pills it would take to kill you depends on a number of variables. There are a number of sleeping pills on the market today and they vary greatly in strength. It also depends on what drugs or alcohol you have in your system as to how many pills would kill you. If you want to be certain to do the job take about 25 pills and that should do the job.

Sleeping pills have been in the market for a number of years to help people with insomnia and other sleep related problems. Most people who get in trouble with sleeping pills do so in an innocent way. If say taking two pills worked just somewhat OK, they figure that four pills would work great! Another huge factor in the effect sleeping pills have on a person is dependent on their weight and size. Larger people can take a larger dose than people who are small in stature and weight.  To be on the safe side, never take any sleeping pills without first consulting with your doctor. 

Taking too many sleeping pills has been a problem for a long time, as long as the pills have been available. They were implicated in the death of Marilyn Monroe in 1961 and are sometimes the drug of choice for people who are suicidal. But for the most part, people who cause themselves problems with sleeping pills simply mix them with alcohol or other drugs and the mix can prove to be fatal in many cases.

To stay on the safe side, never mix sleeping pills with any alcohol or illegal drugs, and never take more than the prescribed dosage. Read the labels very carefully and know what you are taking before you start using it.
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Wanting to end your life isn't a crime sometime you just feek there is no way that life could possibkly improve and you just have had enough that is the case with me.

I'm 21 and my mum is now dying of cancer I cannot possibly think of life without her and frankly I don't want to I have cronic kidney failure from the age of 8 and my mum has always been my rock when my mum passes I know I will have no real support nothing like her I have always had her love and care and I am not about to be left alone and be nothing without her I am planning on killing myself when she passes until then I will hold onto the apparent life that I have left in me. I don't think ppl have a right to judge me and my choice in ending my life it is my life and I will deal with the crossing to the the after life when I get there I just know I have no life worth living or fighting for without my mum there to greet me so I will die to after her and greet her at the gates of heaven and finally together at long last we will be at peace I figure I have put up enough of a fight and I am ready to end it whenever it come to it.

I plan on taking a whole case of sleeping pills and to make sure it is done I will hang my self I will put it around my neck  and as I fall asleep I will fall and successfull kill myself while everyone is at work so no1 can stop me and my plans.
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Haha, thanks for the idea I'm going to do that tonight...

So good bye world and see you in heaven soon...
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If I told you that would make me an accomplis
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It probably depends on the person...each person reacts to meds differently. But is your friend saying that he wants to kill himself??? Or is he "just wondering?'' you need to tell him to get some help before he does make a stupid decision.

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