I Need To Clean My Urine In 2 Days Is It Possible?


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No, this is not really possible. There is nothing you can really do to affect the drug test result. However, depending on what you have taken and what type of drug test it is, you may be lucky that the test you take doesn't detect the type of drug you have in your system.

Urine tests, which are the most common drug test, usually detect drugs in the system for a few days. However this is dependent on what the drug is and also how frequently you take the drug. The more frequently you take drugs, the longer it can take to be fully out your system and therefore not visible in your drug test. It is said to take around six to eight hours for a drug to show up in your urine after it has been taken.

The tests are more than likely to pick up your drug use and so the best and most sensible policy is to not take any drugs or at the very least do not take drugs before an imminent drugs test.

Many people are in denial about their drug use and believe they can stop at anytime. However most drugs have a very addictive effect and so many people become very dependent; which can lead to losing their job and spending a lot of money to feed a drug habit.

If you feel you may have a drug problem the first step to recovery is admitting this. Next it is very important to head to a doctor. They will more than likely refer you to a rehab clinic which have the expertise and experience to help you get off the drug and start a better life.
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Everyone Says thats it's no possible, and yeah drink lots of water but here's the trick for real this time, and take it from some one that passed his probation urine test 12 diffrent times, and smoked weed up to 2 days before the test.

1.  Start Drinking Water 4 to five hours before your test.
2. Consume over a gallon of water.
3. Make Sure you piss at least 8 to ten times.
4. Take 3 or 4 vitamin B12 Complex Pills.  (To Color Your Urine)
5. Make sure when your pissing for the test you get the midstream of your piss. (The Beginning and the end of you piss could have tiny sedimates of THC, if you piss in the Cup midstream you will have no sedimates.
6. Enjoy your freedom, and yet still blazing it up.
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The best I have found  - which is also a great cleanse other wise ( for all you healthy people) is: 1 gallon of water with the juice of one or two lemons mixed with 1 or 2 teaspoons of cayenne pepper.   You will be cleansed. Great to do once a week!   And in the future stay away from the purple haze.....
I always say... Nothing like bungee jumping for a good high...
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I don't know if its possible but I'm about to find out. Lmao. I'm downing water right now, some cranberry later, and vinegar all day tomorrow. I heard that works, so try that
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Water.  You can pass a urine screen if you drink lots of water and rid yourself of morning pee.  Take a mutiple "B" vitamin to add yellow color to your urine.  Visit erowid.com.
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Just keep drinkin youll be fine
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If you mean clean out all drugs, it depends on which drugs. Many will stay in you much longer than 2 days or at least their metabolites will which indicate you were taking certain drugs. Some Xanax metabolites I read are in your blood for a week.
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As a second year lab tech student, I can tell you that its impossible to clean all traces of drugs out of your urine in a short time. You would be amazed what we can find in "clean" urine
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In two days no way are you going to get rid of all evidence of drug use in your system.
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The excretion of drug from the body depends upon the age of user, his body weight, daily usage and duration of use. It will take 2-7 days for light use and 1-2 months for heavy use of marijuana to excrete from the urine. But in hair follicle test it will take 120 days. Honestly speaking there are no OTC drugs including niacin and Cranberry which increases the excretion process. These are misuse of these medicine and only company claim. For more information please visit
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Just cleaning the blood is not the problem. Hair follicles holds traces for quite some time.  The absolute best way is to stop doing what you are doing to get your urine dirty.  Sorry

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