What Can Cause Very Painful Contraction Like Pains In Lower Abdomin When Not Pregnant Or On Period? Should I Be Concerned If They Only Come Once Or Twice A Week Or Just Ignore It?


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My sister has had pain and she has to get her left overy taken out this week to stop the pain. I suggest that you contact a obgyn as soon as possible.
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I have IC (interstitial cystitis) which effects the bladder. IC disrupts my other systems, digestive and menstual. The first year of my similar and worsening symptoms I removed my IUD which left a scar (possible cause), had an ovarian cyst and my syptoms continued to worsen and mainly felt like it was my uterus. There are so many possibilities for your symptoms and the process of elimination can sometimes be never ending. Do your own research and talk to your Gyno.

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