I Have Stomach Cramps That Feel Like Contractions, Not Pregnant. I Have Had Them For A Few Years And They Are Getting Worse. Any Ideas As To What May Be Causing Them?


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Blurtit is not the place to get quality medical advice.  Please do see a GP or other health professional to get a medical opinion.

If you want some ideas, Irritiable Bowel Syndrome springs to mind.  It's basically a disorder of the large intestine.  The most common symptoms are diarrhea and abdominal pain, especially after meals. 

IBS is not generally considered "curable".  But the good thing about IBS is that it's usually very easy to get some relief; the symptoms can be rendered very manageable.

Another possibility is appendicitis, but be warned.  Many medical practioners do not accept that this condition exists, although many sufferers would argue that does!!

Gall bladder issues are another possibility.

It's best you see a doctor to figure out what's up with you.
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I at times had the same thing happen to me. I had irregular periods, and doubled over with cramps.. After having both my children by c-section. The Dr. finally figured out that I had endometriosis and it was causing pain (cramps). They had to do a total Hysterectomy on me. I had this so bad. My advice to you would be to go have your Dr. check this out for you before it is too late...Good Luck.
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A lot of times doctors will put it off at IBS and it is actually endometriosis, if you really want to deal with it then go see your ob/gyn and tell them you want to know if you can have this.
I have seen a lot of women who get put in the category of having IBS and still have problems and it's not IBS.
It's the doctors way of putting a band-aid on the problem.
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I have IBS and have similar symptoms that you have. Go see a proctologist (he won't have to look at you, he'll just feel your belly and probably give you powder laxative to take every night and something to coat your something before every meal. Either that or something called levin, which slows the contractions of the colon.
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These cramps cud be a sign of irritable bowel syndrome. Book yourself a doctors appointment & get checked out.
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Yes I think this might be IBS as I have the same pains and they come and go like contractions.It might even be excess wind you should get checked out by your doctor and ask to have colonoscopy if you have other symptoms that relate to IBS such as diarrohea,constipation, nausea and an urgent need to rush to the toilet.

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