What Causes Bruising If There Was No Fall Or Injury Preceding It? I Have A Very Active Client Who Came In With Large Bruising On Her Right Hand And Arm. She Is Not On Blood Thinners. I Am Concerned.


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It could be that she is on blood thinners. This is well known to cause bruising, and sometimes they are rather large ones, as the blood is thinned, the walls of the veins are weaker, and are more likely to cause a bleed, which can be very dangerous to have happen. If you get a bruise or a cut just right, it can cause you severe health problems, or even death. Hope this helps, good luck.
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If she hasn't had a recent IV or needle stick for lab draw she may have bumped it ever so gently that she doesn't recall which is not uncommon for the elderly.They lack fat under their skin and the elasticy is gone making them prone to skin tears from every little thing.Bruises are caused by broken blood vessels which can become more sensitive with electrolyte imbalances .Lack of vit b and even calcium sometimes vit k but a test could be done by the doc to figure this out .Encourage her to take a muti vit eveyday and be careful. If there is swelling or pain could be a blood clot got to becareful with these thing again doc can order a blood test ( liver problems?)
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I am now 54, but in 1987 they day of my 15yr. HS reunion, Both inner and outer thighs looked as if someone had run over them with a car, I do NOT bruise easily (even now) but the skin itched like crazy prior, I know I did not do it, by scratching, however when I went to the Dr. It had started to subside and he said he wanted to take a blood sample from the site,next time it was in full swing...Thanks alot Doc. Thankfully it has been very rarely since that I have had any bruising without trauma to that area. The thighs Hopefully were an isolated incident, although very concerning. No one(3Drs. Had ANY clue), don't we feel safe!

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