What Is Human Urine Good For?


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In the west we consider it a disgusting bodily waste. But actually human urine is a valuable chemical in some situations. Its best role is as a fertiliser in soil, and it is still used as such in some traditional cultures (along with human faeces). If you have a compost heap which seems to never break down, a regular dose of human urine will nicely accelerate things along.

Urine is also half-decent clothes detergent (obviously it tends to leave the clothes smelling of...). If you are stung by certain plants or animals (notably jellyfish, or the weaver fish which is native in coastal waters around Great Britain), urinating on the affected area will cause the sting to dissipate almost immediately. The urine neutralises the chemicals in the sting.

Drinking one's own urine has been considered an important part of spiritual enlightenment in some cultures (eg., India). There is another situation where most people might resort to drinking urine, which is in the desert with no other water supply. Urine is a mild poison, but it's better than dying of thirst. Drinking one's own urine can cause you to vomit (making the dehydration worse), though.
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There is a person in Australia that claims urine is good for the health by drinking your own urine. It can cure some cancer maybe first stage and can fight bad bacteria in your body. But be cautious cause you might not find this in medical journal and has no approved therapheutic effect.
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