What Is The Normal Characteristics Of Urine And Feaces?


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The typical adult should have three S-shaped bowel movements per day. Naturally, the rectum curves in an S-shape and that is the reason for the healthy appearance. Generally speaking, it should be light brown in color and float rather than sink to the bottom of the toilet. Also, your bowel movement should be one solid S-shape and not small pellets or balls separate from one another. Anything other than the natural S-shape curve usually is the result of a lack of fiber in your diet and can easily be supplemented in a powder or capsule form that can be purchased at your local drug store.

Healthy urine should be a pale yellow color. Often times people think that clear urine is the best because it resembles water and therefore represents a body free of medical concern. This is not the case; in fact, if it happens on a regular basis a physician should be contacted just to be sure there is not a serious underlying condition. Usually an excess of water, beer, or coffee will give the urine its clear color on occasion. You should notify a doctor immediately if the urine has a brown or reddish color. These are generally the sign of liver disease, copper poisoning, melanoma cancer, or hepatitis. However, if you have recently taken a laxative containing product or eaten fava beans, this could also be the cause of brown or red urine.
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Urine is the excretory material of the body. It is different from feces because it is in liquid form. Almost 95% volume of urine is water and the other 5% consists of chemicals. Many of the solutes which are found in urine are results of biochemical activities in the body. Urine also consists of ions as well as organic molecules. The color of urine can be from yellow to amber. However, it also depends on your water consumption. Odour of urine also varies greatly like diabetic patient can have sweat smell in their urine. PH of urine can range from 4.6 to 8 and average people have pH near about 6.

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