How Long Does Alcohol Take To Not Be Detected In Urine?


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They say it is completely digested and passed through your system in 8 hours from your last drink... But it could take longer if you have drank a lot over a few hours. I'd say give it at least 9-10 hours from your last drink to be safe, if your job is on the line or something.
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A Patt
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You can fail today's urine testing even after 24 hours. That's what happened to my partner last week. She, like you thought it was 12 hours or less. Don't believe it!!!!!!!!!!
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I take a urine test every month,drink 10 t 12 beers the day before the test never failed.About 12 hours sounds about right.1 hr per beer. Just drink a quart of water an hour and a half before the test.

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