Can A Male Have An Organsim Without Having An Erection?


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Yes! I am a 50 year-old male and can speak first hand to this. This year I learned (discovered) an orgasmic response induced from my foreskin only. No ejaculation & even no erection required. It enables the experience of multiple orgasms, and in combination with a conventional ejaculatory orgasm, increases the pleasure and intensity a lot!
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To understand the answer of the following question, first you need to study about the detail procedure that how a male person have an orgasm. Actually the male orgasm is delivered out through the veins in the human system. These veins are naturally made such that when a male has the erection, these veins become active and the orgasm can delivered through them to the outside. Without erection, these veins are not active and only capable to deliver the urine to the outside not the orgasm.

Also, the orgasm has a great power when it comes outside. Naturally when orgasm comes, the veins become soft that it does not damage them. Erection is required to complete the phenomenon. However, there might be a premature orgasm or part of orgasm which was not delivered to the outside, can come after the erection and is not a sign of danger. But normally premature orgasm and part of it requires erection to reach this stage. You can consult a sexologist for the complete detail that how veins work and why premature orgasm or part of orgasm comes without erection.

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