How can you cause a miscarriage without having an abortion?


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John answered
You don't need to try and cause one as most women are susceptible to this naturally from health problems brought on by natural child fact this is why most women have to see a doctor in order to get these health concerns in check in order to keep from having a miscarriage. There are probably over a hundred things that can cause this without doing /trying anything. In fact it is more likely the mother would die before the baby inside her.if you don't believe this then ask your doctor.
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Heather Laca answered
I understand what it's like to be pregnant and too scared to have it but there is no real way to cause a miscarriage. If you attempt these to do this there's is a chance that you'll still end up with a baby but it could also have mental issues or be premature. It's also very dangerous for you.
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rosina hewson answered
You shouldnt, I understand bein scared by all the procedures of abortion but for one its cruel and may not even work, this may mean youd end up giving birth to a disabled child because of your actions. Also you could hurt yourself
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If you must have an abortion there is an abortion pill that is just as expensive and effective. This is so you don't have to have scrapings in your vagina.  It's very quick.

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