I Am 6 Feet 3 Inches Tall And Can You Tell Me How Much I Should Weigh? I Am 39 Years Old.


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BMI is a good starting point.
Healthy BMI = 18.5-25 = 145-195lbs roughly
Overweight BMI = 25-30 = 195-235lbs roughly
Exception: Weight lifting (BMI above 25 can still be OK)
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You guys joking me...
6.3 male in a good physical condition should weight minimum of 215
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Well you should not weight more than 200 pounds
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You should be 95 to 100kg and just eat some healthy food and do some exercises every day,in fact it doesn't matter what is your weight.
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I don't believe in weighing a certain amount. Everyone's body is different. Sometimes weighing a little more is better for you and sometimes weighing a little less is better. Sometimes people are big boned or have more muscle than others causing them to way more but big bones are genetic and muscles are good. As long as you're eating healthy and you do a bit of exercise everyday or every week, depending on the kind of exercise you do, you're fine and you're beautiful/handsome.

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I'm the same height and 36. The upper range of normal weight (BMI of 24.4) is about 195lb. I currently weight 215, which is overweight.
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I am 6.3 and I weigh 220. But any way I also do martial arts and eat a lot because I am 17yrs. And still growing

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