I Am A 43 Year Old Female I Am 5 Ft 2 Inches Tall How Much Should I Weigh?


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Today, it is widely accepted that a BMI of 23 is healthy. BMI measurements are calculated uing height and weight.
A BMI of 23, given a 62 inch stature, would be 126 pounds.
A BMI of 25 to 27 used to be recommended (and may be a more attainable goal for those who are extremely overweight). This would be a range of 136 to 147 pounds. Keep in mind, this range is considered overweight by today's standards.
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9 stone to 91/2
If you have a large skeletal frame, add 10 percent to the total.
If you have a small skeletal frame, subtract 10 percent from the total.  
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I'm 43 years old and 5 ft 5 inches and weich 140 and feel fat!  I feel good at 120...
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I am a 43 year old female I am 5 ft tall how much should I weigh

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