Does Affirm Detox By Total Eclipse Really Work?


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Affirm Detox is a product designed to cleanse your body of any and all drugs allowing you to pass a drug test. The makers of this product guarantee its effectiveness by offering a 100 per cent money back guarantee if you fail a drug test after taking the product in the prescribed manner. Products such as this have a good track record when used to pass urine drug tests on advanced notice and some are even formulated to help people pass a hair follicle test. When used exactly as the directions state, Affirm Detox will clean your system and rid it of toxins while helping to mask any drugs in your system. With their money-back guarantee, it's a safe bet that Affirm Detox by Total Eclipse works as advertised.

Affirm Detox is a capsule product that when taken with the correct amount of water will draw any and all drugs out of your system. You will need to drink at least thirty two ounces of water daily if you are a heavy drug user or if you tip the scales at over 180 pounds. You must abstain from any drugs within forty eight hours of your test and there are no guarantees if you are hit with a surprise test.

Affirm Detox by Total Eclipse is also effective at drawing excess toxins out of your body as it works like a laxative and diuretic , helping to clean your body's systems for better health and well-being. When used properly at least seventy two hours before a drug test it is effective at masking any illegal drugs that may be in your system. If you are facing the possibility of a drug test in the future and want to ensure that you will pass it Affirm Detox by Total eclipse is a good choice.
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I have used sucessfully affirm detox several of times for pot.  I have even smoked the day before and passed.  I think the trick is to make sure you have at least 2 pee twice before you give a sample.  I am a bigger guy so I drink lots of water.   I have been asked if I have drinken a lot of water when doing a test and replied I did have a few exrtra cups today for the test, but I did not take my multivitamins because it always makes my pee bright yellow, and the lady actually said that was a good idea, so one can't be afraid to give them a lie or too.  After sneeking in hot pee to several tests and had mixed results, to hot or to cold. I perfer the pills, they are not as hard on the tummy as those 1 galon drinks.  Given a surprise test if one popped the pills imeadatley, drank as mush watee as possible like 3 litres, waited till he almost burst,  then wen you give the sample pee as much out as possible, note the clearness change and get your sample right near the end of the stream.
Good luck .
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I get it works but how soon should you drink it
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It doesnt work under new and improved drug tests anymore and can be detected itself as a covering agent so don't always believe everything your read

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