How Long Does It Take Total Eclipse Definite Detox Drink To Work?


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The makers of 'Total Eclipse Definite Detox' claim that all traces of toxins will be expelled from the body within 5 hours.

  • What is 'Total Eclipse Definite Detox'?
'Total Eclipse Definite Detox' is a detox product specifically formulated to quickly remove toxins from the body. It was produced with recreational drug users in mind who may be subjected to random drug tests at work, with their sports team, or for security reasons.
  • What do you take with Total Eclipse Definite Detox?
At the beginning of the detox, users will take 4 capsules that will cleanse the body. A liquid concentrate that tastes like tropical punch is then added to water and vast amounts are drank. The water mixed with the liquid drank over 3-4 hours should effectively cleanse out remnants of any drugs.

  • Feedback from Total Eclipse Definite Detox
While the detox product claims you will be able to pass a drugs test within 5 hours of finishing the detox treatment, there is very little evidence to support their claims. Most people say that they failed their drugs test even though they used Total Eclipse Definite Detox.

The detox system is expensive and does not seem to be a reliable way to pass a random drugs test. Drugs tests are developed by scientists and there are no ways to hide toxins in your system which could be detected by a test. If you are in a situation where there could be serious consequences if you test positive for drugs, it is better to simply stay away from drugs and do not take any at all as this detox system may not be the answer.
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The instructions are sketchy simply because the product does not work.   I just failed a test the same day I used this product.   I will now see if their 100% guarantee refund works.

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