Is Cramping An Early Symptom Of Pregnancy?


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During implantation and the early process of reproduction every woman will feel cramps in her uterus and as the baby starts growing more the pregnant lady will feel more and more cramps.

Mainly reason being a new life being born inside you and the muscles of the uterus are expanding and stretching inside as the baby becomes bigger. These cramps also occur at times of menstruation, this is why many females do not understand if it is a symptom of pregnancy or just a simple sign of menstruation.

However if cramping is accompanied by bleeding than only it is an indication of menstruation and also in some cases women are pregnant and even get their periods. So a simple beta HCG test can reveal the truth and let you know.

The body basically prepares it self for the baby and that is why in the initial months a woman will feel a lot of cramps taking place and some times a swollen uterus and a swollen abdomen too.

This is also one of the reasons why a woman feels tired and sick in the early stages of pregnancy because the body is preparing to bear a new life and start the process of reproduction.

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