How Long Does Early Pregnancy Cramping Last For?


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Usually after the first trimester (3 months), the cramping will subside.  You can put a warm moist towel on your stomach for short periods of time and this will help.  The cramping is caused from muscles going crazy. Potassium will help your muscles to relax. So eat a banana and that should help also. Congratulations!!
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I am having the same problem. I have been having cramps since 2 days after conception not hard cramps but mild. I was taking pain relievers and nothing happen that when I knew something was wrong. But I am 6 week about to be 7 and I still have cramps off and own. I asked the people around me and they tell me they never had cramps.... I don't know maybe we are one of the ones that are not so lucky but hopefully they go away. The cramps will last for about 15 secs and then I won't have another one until about 4 or 5 hours. Crazy sometime I wonder am I have already experiencing contractions but I know it is to early.

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