Can You Have Cramping Along With Discharge In Early Pregnancy?


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Hi,my name is Shinzi.
I have taken 3 pregnancy test and all positive,but couple of days later I had my period three days early,and when to see doctor he reckoned that he could see anything on the scan.ultra sound that It might be a miscarriage or an implant bleeding taken place on the 10 Feb,
Spotting and abit blood,pinkish and ended about4 days.Before positive pregnancy test I had sore breast and getting sick.
Yesterday I got such a strange discharge was runny and white.This afternoon I had these terrible period cramps that I thought as if I'm getting my period but stopped after having a couple of water.
But couple of hours later I got a discharged I thought that I am getting my period but when I looked it was discharged and someone please give me some in put please.
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Yes you can. If you google early pregnancy signs it will tell you that its your body getting ready to carry this baby and same cramping is normal. The discharge is also normal. It will decrease in time. I read its part of the plug getting thicker.

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