What Kind Of Difficulty In Urination During Pregnancy?


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Pregnant women often suffer with frequency and urgency of urination. Some have to urinate, while they are on their feet, every few minutes. This is due to the fact that during the first two or three months of pregnancy the uterus become enlarged , that is turned forward and presses down upon the bladder. When the woman is lying down the pressure on the bladder is relieved, and she does not have to urinate frequently. This pressure lasts only the first two or three months, because after that the growing womb lifts itself out of the pelvis, rising into the abdominal cavity; andpressure on the bladder is relieved.

During the last months of the pregnancy there is again frequent urination, because then the heavy uterus sinks again into the pelvic cavity and presses upon the bladder. The treatment for this frequent urination consists in wearing a well fitting abdominal belt or corset, which raises the uterus and prevents pressure on the bladder. Sometimes a peccary which prevents the ante version is efficient. In all cases lying down and resting is useful. In short, keeping off one's feet is the most efficient remedy for the treatment of frequent urination in pregnant women.

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