I'm Thinking Of Earning Some Extra Money. Can Sperm Donation Be Lucrative?


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Some men do give sperm simply to earn more money. In fact, that is one of the main reasons men do give their sperm donations. Expenses that you can get paid for your sperm amount to 50 per time and the good news is, you can donate your sperm up to 50 times every six months. When you think about it that is a lot of money!

However, many men's reasons for not donating their sperm are that they do not want to think about children out there that they could have fathered. Many drive themselves mad wondering if the little kid they just passed was one that they fathered through sperm donation. Of course not everybody thinks this way, but some do.

Overall, if you would like to donate your sperm the sperm banks would no doubt be grateful. There has been a shortage of willing participants over the past few years, so you really would be helping them out as well as earning some extra money!

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