How Do You Sell Your Eggs If You Are A Woman?


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To sell your eggs, you'll first need to make sure that the practice is legal in your local area.

For example, in the United Kingdom eggs can be donated but not sold, but in the United States the practice is strictly-controlled but legal.

A woman's eggs can sell for thousands of dollars and, especially in the current economic climate, it is becoming an increasingly popular way to make money quickly.

However, the process is not without its drawbacks. Read on for more info and some of the pros and cons.

The benefits of selling your eggs

Obviously, the main benefit to selling your eggs is the money!

The amount of money that you can receive for "donating” your eggs depends on the region in which you live.

In the US, larger cities like New York, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., Seattle, Houston, and Boston pay more than smaller cities like Louisville or Birmingham. On average, though, you can expect to receive between $3,000 and $5,000 per egg donation cycle.

How to sell your eggs

Most women contact an agency or fertility clinic that specializes in assisted conception. Alternatively, you could advertize your eggs on the internet and then arrange the medical side of things with the recipient.

If you're going down the agency route, you should find an agency that abides by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine’s code of ethics. These guidelines ensure the appropriate payment amount that is to the benefit of all parties.

Tips for becoming a paid egg donor

Here are some things you should remember if you are considering being an egg donor:

  • Egg donation cannot guarantee pregnancy in a recipient so those who have donated before and have been successful can earn more money per egg donation cycle. Basically, agencies will pay more for results.
  • Egg donor agencies also will pay you more if you are an accomplished woman. In fact, most agencies will not accept you unless you have a high school diploma. However, women with college degrees - particularly those of high-ranking or Ivy League universities - can earn significantly more.
  • New laws passed recently mean that, at the age of 18, the child born from your eggs can be informed about their biological parent.
The cons of selling your eggs

If you are accepted, remember that the donation process can be time-consuming and you may be required to take a cocktail of hormone drugs to promote healthy egg production.

Both of these can be both stressful and uncomfortable. The extraction process can also be rather unpleasant for a woman.

On top of these negatives, there is also the ethical issue. Whilst donating eggs isn't the same as giving up a baby, it does bring about questions with regards to the value of human life, and the rights of the child.

I'd suggest reading as much material on the subject as possible. I found this BBC article quite helpful.

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Nowadays many young college women are indulging in the practice of selling their eggs to infertility clinics to earn fast money.

There is a huge demand for healthy eggs in today's world as there are increasing numbers of women who are incapable of conception due to some reason or another.

The practice of donating eggs is becoming as common as the donation of blood. This is where the ethical issue gets raised.

Obviously, the majority of the girls donating eggs do it only and only for the money. Of course, the thought that you are helping someone always occurs, but only in passing, as that is definitely not the core reason. If it were, girls would be donating eggs for free.

One can donate eggs to any local infertility clinic, or even the local hospital.
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Paul Constantinescu
I agree I dont think anyone wants to give away their own eggs for free. Eggs are priceless and if sold for money they should be worth millions in my opinion. Think about it you are selling life. A cell so complicated technology cant duplicate it yet people pay millions for all kinds of material things. Eggs are priceless.
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Human embryos have a lot more potential in stem cell research. I would donate my eggs for that.

I know that they have to destroy the embryo to properly use it, but donating my eggs for a purpose - like finding cures for cancer, diabetes, immune-disease, and neuro-degenerative diseases like Parkinson's and Altzheimer's - is a far better alternative than literally flushing my eggs down the toilet during menstration.
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I think it's acceptable... Plus you end up being out of work from what I have heard - so, yeah, sell 'em.
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I would sell them not donate them because if you just give them the doctors are making way too much money. It's crazy, but I heard if you sell your eggs you can't have childern after that in most cases.

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