What Is The Importance Of Exercise For Children? Should They Join Gym For Having Healthy Exercises?


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For them normal morning walk is best,...there is no need of gym for children under 16...if he is above 16 then he can start initial gym exercise but not full length will create bad effect on the body of the and downs are also best for hang with walls or doors is also nice.
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Kids have a seemingly neverending supply of energy, they can go for hours and hours with out seeming tired. This is their natural way of exercising, and this is how they grow, in unison with a healthy diet and plenty of rest.

There isn't any need for an exercise regimen unless a doctor highly recommends it for a child who might be either over or under weight. Just let them play, and they should be fine and dandy. Hope this helps.
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Hi I agree with what they talked above, children no need to do other exercise accept from school as they can have it at school, where there are a few hours of sports for them , children have actually more energy than adult and they don't feel a lot of tiredness with doing exercises so for the health it's natural they are fitness than adult and easier to do some of exercises and sports with feeling tireless.
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There is no need of kids going into the gyms for exercises because they can do exercises by playing games that indulge them physically into such games. And these games provide enough exercise to the kids and excitement to the kids. Exercises are very much important for the children to maintain their proper health. There are so many benefits of the exercise that a kid may enjoy.

By doing exercise they can develop healthier and stronger muscles and they can also have a smart and active body because the exercises help them in reducing fats. Those who are in the habit of doing regular exercise have very less chances to suffer from obesity and fatness. The risk of the disease like diabetes and high blood pressure may also decrease and one might enjoy healthy and good life. Exercises also help in reducing the cholesterol level in the body and that is how one may not suffer from cholesterol diseases.

The kids who are habitual of exercises do not only possess good health but they also have strong will power. They can enjoy both physical and emotional health and this is why they feel themselves contented and happy with their lives.

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