Which Exercise Is Best Among Yoga, Aerobics, Gym And Others For Good Health?


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Aerobics are cardio based exercises, where as gym is cardio and weight training based. All of above are good for you.
Yoga is relaxing, strengthens the core muscles (back, stomach) and makes you supple.
Depends if you are a stressed person.
What I know is that it is good to make your body used to different types of exercises, to challenge your body,as your body can get too used to certain exercises, meaning they might not have the required effect in the long run.
Swimming is a very good full body exercise, as it does work the most muscles at the same time.
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Above all, do the one that you take the most joy in. That's the one you'll probably stick with for the rest of your life.

Aerobics covers a lot of ground - running, biking, swimming, etc. Anything that's endurance based and gets your blood pumping can be aerobic. If one of those activities appeals to you, or you like the feeling of getting worn out doing endurance stuff, try aerobics.

Going to the gym and lifting weights will build strong muscles, but it can be hard to stay motivated. Without a class or other people working out with you (like aerobics or yoga) you can lose your motivation. But there are tons of benefits to weight training and getting stronger, and if you need more info about that visit Complete Strength Training, it's got great info about (obviously) strength training.

Yoga is normally taught in classes, giving it a social aspect, as well as having spiritual underpinnings that can be intriguing and fulfilling. Yoga can have more depth than just running or lifting, and get you working out with other people that have similar interests.

There's no best kind of workout, just whatever works for you. Whatever you choose, give it an honest try - at least a month of solid practice. That way you can find out if you really like it, or whether it's not for you.

Good luck,
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All exercises are good for health, but I prefer Aerobics and Yoga.

Yoga is an aesthetic discipline of exercise which aims to provide physical, mental and spiritual practice to relax mind and body.

Aerobics is a physical and relaxing activity used to train cardiovascular system, heart and lungs to process properly. The aim is to deliver oxygen to every part of the body.

You can see the following link to study about these two.


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All the workout patterns are good and useful for health, but still I favor Yoga more, because Yoga is the easiest way to become healthy. It needs no external things, like you doesn't need any equipment, no special place, all you need is you, your passion to workout. 

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These all Exercises are beneficial for our perfect Health,but we  doing only few of these .I prefer both yoga and Aerobics. Yoga is a easiest way to keep yourself healthy and Aerobic exercises improve your physical fitness.if we doing both exercise regularly so that its  reduces our stress and increase Lifespan.

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As we know gym is very good for health and fitness but Yoga is one of the way to get rid of high-level stress and other ailments and health/fitness as well. It plays prominent role in our life. Learn more about Yoga www.lifestyleyogadubai.com/

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I would suggest yoga because it works on both mind and body and it has countless benefits. I strongly believe people need to understand its importance. I read "21 Yoga Poses for Anti Aging – Yoga Turns the Clock Back" and found it really interesting. I also came across “15 Anti-Aging Health Benefits of Yoga”. I would recommend these 2 write ups to anyone who want to start yoga.

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All are good for a good health.
And I think the best is aerobics an gym because your whole body move when you are practicing it.
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The best exercise is in which your whole body move and the one in which your body feel relaxed and that is aerobics...
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It all depends upon your body structure, physique, metabolisms rate and which exercise you do. Like some exercises is good for making stomach muscles and some are good for chest muscles.

Aerobics and Gym is good if your instructor is really good and he has the knowledge to guide you how to fully take benefit from the exercise which you are doing. If you are not doing it properly then you might hurt yourself.

And try to use Weights (ankle and hand weights) they make a great difference and will show results with in days.

Wish you all the best... Enjoy blurting.

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