What are the best fat burning exercises for losing weight?


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There are a lot of great fat burning exercises out there that a person can use to lose weight. The trick is to find your favourite, do it for a month, then switch it up to a different exercise to keep your body burning fat stores.

5 Free exercises to help you burn calories fast

Try riding a bicycle as you’ll be able to burn at least 250 to 300 calories if you ride for around 30 minutes a day. Switch to a bike for the commute into work or take the whole family for a cycle outing on the weekend.

Go rock climbing to work out your cardiovascular muscles and build up your strength at the same time. You can burn up to 380 calories in a good 30 minute session and it’s fun.

For the ultimate free fat-busting exercise, try walking and hiking. Hit your local hills and/or mountains and remember to walk quickly with big strides. The amount of calories you’ll burn will depend on how fast and how far you walk. You could easily burn at least 180 calories in a 30 minute period of time. Get your shoes on and get out there!

Try swimming which is a great exercise when it is really hot outside. Asthma suffers also benefit from a swim which burns on average 200 calories per 30 minute session.

Another great free workout is running. Ditch the treadmill at the gym in favour of the great outdoors (unless the weather is inclement). All you need is the right footwear, some jogging pants, a vest and you’re away! You can burn around 300 calories per 30 minute run.

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Cardio. Do about an hour of moderate cardio a day. Jogging, swimming, dancing, biking, walking, etc. Anything that gets you moving. The best cardio workout is jogging/running. Afterwards do 20 pushups and 50 crunches. This helps build muscle while getting rid of fat. I've been in track for two years and this is definitely the best way!:)
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I agree with Mandy. Cardio is a very effective type of exercise as it relates to burning fat. From what I have read online, running and jogging assists you greatly in losing weight. An hour of cardio exercise a day will increase weight loss.
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HI Greg.
The best fat burning exercise is not eating processed foods, especially carbs.

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