I Am Breastfeeding And I Think I Have A Sinus Infection, What Can I Do About It?


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Hey there I had sinus Infection 5 yrs ago, I'm totally cure now, check out my blog, I used three plant extracts to get rid of sinusitis
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If you really do have a sinus infection you can get antibiotics to treat it.  Unfortunately, that's easier said than done.  A lot of GPs and pharmacists, especially those trained a long time ago, were taught a "better safe than sorry" approach to breastfeeding mothers.  In which case they are reluctant to prescribe any medication in case it passes through the milk to the baby.

However, research in the last 15 years or so has demonstrated that a large variety of medications are safe for mothers breastfeeding babies who were born at full tmer (at least 37 weeks gestation).  This includes over-the-counter meds as well as prescribed drugs.

You can get up-to-date advice by phoning NHS Direct (0845 4647) or the Breastfeeding Network Drugline (02392 598 604).   For sinus inflammation, allergies and common cold symptoms in general look at this webpage.
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You are caring about taking drugs in this stage. Well, for the temporary relief, you have to take some medicines. For permanent or long term relief, there is a heat treatment. Consult your Doctor. And listen, don't worry,this is not infectious.
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Sinus infection can easily be cured by having antibiotics . But before taking any medicines it is better to get completely awareness about your body i.e. What suits you and which may cause problems . Sometime these antibiotics can reach and my cause something very dangerous to human body     A woman who is breastfeeding should seriously being very conscious in taking any medication for such infections because if she did not properly take care of herself the germs can be indirectly effect her child as well – its always better to take a herbal medicine generally speaking TOTKAS ( home made medications with no side effect)    The best toka for sinus relief is taking steam. In a large pan put water to boil. Then add menthol if not available then you can add Vix in boiling water . Cover your mouth and face with cloth and take steam for few minute. Repeat this remedy for twice or thrice a day .This will really help in cleaning and opening any blockage in your nose and throat .     Please also don't forget it has always been recommended to contact to your physician as its always said that its better to be safe then sorry .

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