How Do You Get Really Flexible For Gymnastics Fast?


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I'm a dancer but there isn't much difference when it comes to flexibility,
every day practise your splits and stretch. Sometimes when your muscles get tight from strecthing so often its good to give them a break for about a week or two and not stretch and your muscles will loosen and if you try to do splits after your muscles are loose you will be much lower than you were the fortnight ago.
Give it a try.
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You can stretch a lot (do a stretching routine when you wake up)

do the splits (as far as you can) for about 30 minutes a day and you will get a couple of inches lower each week

practise bridges, backbends and other basic moves to as best as you can

sit in pike and point your toes as far as they will go and get another person to push down on them so they are stronger for moves that you do

go to a gym

maybe do dance as well like ballet, modern theatre, street and ballroom
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You need to warm up like doin jumping jacks, running in place, and simple lunges.then you should do simple stretches everyday, feel the pain but don't push to hard or you can end up with muscle also helps to go to a chiropractor especially if you have back problems like me

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