During My Period My Belly Button Bleeds,what Should I Do?


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Do not worry. Its normal. Sometimes part of the womb can move to other places, its just a condition, and its perfectly normal. I went to the doctors about a similar thing and he mentioned how it can come through the belly button.
So do not panic, its not wrong, its not weird, and its not serious.
Just see your GP, if you want it checked . :)
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Me too! But it sucks because I find other people asking the same questions with no good answers.. We KNOW we need to go to a doctor, but it's always nice to find a few other people with the same symptoms and maybe even some causes before we go to the doctor and told were terminally ill or something... We ask because we want to prepare ourselves for the worst before we get to the doctor.. Stop telling us to go to the doctor, we're not stupid.
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But don't worry! Just get it sorted, don't panic too much or else you'll get into a state.
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I don't think it should do that, consult your doctor!! It could be serious!! Xx NO WORRIES THOUGH SORRY!!
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I've had my belly button pierced since I was 18 and I'm 24 now and I've NEVER had it bleed while I was on my cycle. That IS NOT normal and you should remove it immediately and see your doctor ASAP to avoid and serious health risks!!

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