Can Humans Take Fish Antibiotics?


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Jamie Ott Profile
Jamie Ott answered
Yes, it is the same.

Just stick with the fish stuff though because it's gentle. Don't try cat or dog or anything else, not even stuff for pigs. Just stick with the fish. I had a gnarly middle ear infection and, after several weeks and no real improvement, took fish mox and felt the effects the same day.

I got tick fever but no red ring and the doctors didn't believe I was ill. Took fish ciprofloxacin and was fine within a couple days. Funky colored urine though... And yeast infection, but that's common with women who take antibiotics.
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tracy deines answered
NO, never take an animals or any other persons antibiotics! If you need to be treated you need to see the dr for proper diagnosis and the right antibiotic to treat your condition. Best wishes:)

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