What Are The Misuses Of Antibiotics?


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Massive quantities of antibiotics are being prepared and used, which are followed by the widespread problems of drug, resistance in microorganisms. This results in an increasing resistance against disease treatment. Misused antibiotic can interact with the human metabolism and in severe cases it can cause death of human being. Misuses of antibodies such as penicillin can cause allergic reactions.

Similarly streptomycin can affect auditory nerve thus causing deafness. Tetracycline and its related compounds cause permanent discoloration of teeth in young children. It is difficult for antibiotic to distinguish between a beneficial and non-beneficial bacterium so the flora in the gut is affected with the use of antibiotics. In Pakistan, as the medicines are freely accessible. Bacteria can develop resistance to antibiotics in many ways.

Antibiotics are misused because many patients do not take them according to their doctor's instructions. They may stop taking their antibiotics too soon, before their illness is complete cured. This allows bacteria to resistant by not killing them completely.

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