I Accidentally Took 2 Pills For High Blood Pressure Instead Of Just 1. Is This A Serious Problem?


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Oh, that’s easily done!

When you live a busy life, or if you’re just a bit scatter-brained, it can be easy to forget you’ve already taken your pills.

Fortunately, pharmacy companies know this - so they’re not going to give you anything that’ll be seriously dangerous if you accidentally take double.

I’ve done it myself enough times: I was on pills for high blood-pressure after I gave birth to my youngest, and I was so tired from having a new-born that I occasionally took my medication twice.

You’re not going to do yourself any harm by doing this once every now and then, but don’t  make a habit of it.

What Should I Do?
If you’re really concerned, call your pharmacist and see what they say. I doubt they’ll be able to suggest anything, though. Just keep an eye out for any symptoms.

If you do start feeling strange in any way, you really should contact your doctor and explain the situation. I really don’t think you’re in any danger, but I’m not a doctor myself, and I can only speak from my own experience!

Everybody reacts differently to medication, so although I didn’t notice any difference, you might do.

How Can I Stop This Happening Again?
You can either number your pills - write the date that you’re supposed to take them on the blister-pack next to each pill - or you can set an alarm.

I found a phone alarm really helps, as I’ve always got my cell phone on me. I know that if I take the pill as soon as the alarm sounds, I’m not going to forget and then take it again.

Getting into a routine of taking the pill at the same time each day would also be a good idea.

Good luck!
No. There is no problem about this when you do it on one day.  Do not repeat it again and again, though.
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The main thing is to check that your blood pressure isn't too low, and call to ask the pharmacist what would typically happen if anything at all. Best wishes!
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If you feel good, I think, this is not a big problem. In case you feel bad, it is better to address a doctor. But I recommend to check the information about medications you are going to take beforehand, find out side effects and contraindications. I usually use for this purpose. Hope it helps!

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