Do Your Testicles Shrink With Testosterone Replacement?


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This is one of the rarer side effects to having testosterone replacement therary (or TRT), but there is a chance it can happen. Other side effects from having TRT are an increase in red blood cells, oily skin, fluid retention, worsening of sleep apnoea and even temporary sterility in males.
Testosterone replacement therapy can be undertaken in a number of ways. It can be administered by intramuscular injections every two to three weeks, testerone patches which are usually placed on the body or scrotum and used daily or testosterone gels which can be applied to the abdomen, shoulders and upper arms. Each of these methods can carry negative side effects and it is recommended to seek advice from a doctor before undertaking any of these treatments.
Testosterone replacement is used when the level of testosterone in a male’s body drops to a certain level. Without using medication or TRT the testosterone level will keep decreasing as the process is irreversible.
Symptoms of decreased testosterone are; decreased sex drive, decreased sense of well being, difficulties in memory and/or concentration and erectile dysfunction. Testosterone deficiency can be triggered by many different factors such as; trauma, chronic illness, chemotherapy, aids, stress, alcoholism and certain medications that are used to treat prostate cancer.
The only way to check if you do have a deficiency of testosterone is to get your doctor to measure the level of testosterone in your blood. But, these measurements may need to be taken several times as the testosterone level in a male’s body fluctuates throughout the day, so if you can get an early morning appointment because this is the time when it is at its highest.
If you do decide to undertake TRT it is recommended to go to your doctor’s to get regular check ups throughout the treatment.
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Testicles are part of male reproductive and endocrine systems because they produce sperms and testosterone hormone. There are few condition which can cause shrinkage of testis. Firstly, testicular atrophy can cause testis to shrink. Another reason is cold temperature. Use of all anabolic steroids for muscle development may lead to testicular shrinkage. Testosterone replacement therapy also cause testicular shrinkage. Gonadotropic-like hormones can increase the testicular size.
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Testis secrete testosterone and also produce sperms in germinal epithelium of seminiferous tubules. These are part of male reproductive system and are present in a sac called scrotum. Condition which can cause shrinkage of testis are testicular atrophy, anabolic steroids and Testosterone replacement therapy. Because testosterone is a steroid and if taken orally or through injections can cause testicular atrophy which in turn causes its shrinkage.
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Yes,Your Testicles Hurt When You Have Hiv.

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