How To Work Out For Future Marine?


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Run. Run every day. Run at least 5 miles/day. Do push-ups, try to work up to at least 50 in two minutes. Have someone watch you to make sure your back is straight. Try and get used to living on 6 hours of sleep about a month before you go to boot camp but rest up a couple of days before you go. Do these things and your DI will ensure you receive training to do anything else required.
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Hmm, the 50 push ups shouldn't be too hard I do a lot of push-ups but as for running I don't do that much because I've always run slower than my peers....though that might be because my "peers" are always about 3 years older than me. But thanks I've been waiting for answer for a while thanks so much. :D
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I,m a former Ranger and tons of jogging WITH A Weighted back pack, at 2 miles and work up to 5 miles!
Get where you can do 15 chin ups, 50 push ups, 100 sit ups, and lift weights!
All WITHOUT much sleep!
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Try jogging four miles a day, doing as many push ups in a minute as possible,doing pull ups,and last but not least the weights.

Also you might want to try doing this stuff in a pair of work boots so you are ready for the field training you will receive.

                            GOOD LUCK
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I am a former Marine. I can tell you a million different things to do to get ready but no matter what you do it will still be difficult. You're 15, the best thing to do is join a track team or wrestling team, just do something active and train hard at it everyday and you will be more than ready by the time you step off of the bus and onto the yellow footprints. Good luck! Semper Fi.
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My advice to a Marine candidate is: The mental training is more than the physical training. A drill instructor will get you in shape, you may not believe it but being singled out for extra "punishment" is a tool to help you toward fitness. Listen,do,and move on, keep your head on straight that's the key. Your goal is to be a Marine. I would never try to drop someone because I don't like them or, because they don't measure up to my standards. A Marine has that thing, and you will know it when they place that Eagle Globe and Anchor in your hand and call you a Marine.
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Everyday rain or shine Morning,Noon&Night 2 set 50-75 Push ups, Hold push up potition 5 minutes in up potition then down potition 3" off deck, Pull up not Chin ups 10 with legs crossed, 150-200 mountain climbers, 150-200 Bends Thrust. Leg raise hold 6" 5 minutes. Rope Climb if not Hold 40 lb over your head 5-8minutes. Run build up to 4-5 miles very fast pace/sprint 1/4 mile then 3/4mile run. All with boots. Sports Cross Country/Wresling/Track. Mental Discipline Never Ever say I cann't. I did these all plus! I Graduated Honor Man. USMC Sgt. Good Luck!
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Run run run they will run the hell out of you
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Don't forget to eat! Otherwise you won't get any muscles!
Also remember that muscles grow only when you sleep ^.^
So Sleep a lot.

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