How To Get Rid Of 2 Weeks Pregnancy?


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How do I get rid of an early pregnancy, I'm only about 5 days to a week pregnant
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Pregnancy can be terminated by use of medicines 12 weeks before gestation and by D and C after 12 weeks. You should think many times before going for abortion because it is matter of a new life. You should discuss with your parents or husband before going for abortion. You should also know the legal status about abortion in your country. Medicines used for abortion  are administered in the clinics or hospitals under the supervision of doctor. So, you should discuss this with your doctor.
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Pregnancy is dated from the first day of your last period, so chances are you were about 4-5 weeks pregnant already before you even found out, if you do not want to keep the pregnancy, go and see your gp - who will arrange for you to attend a hospital or clinic to terminate the pregnancy.

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