Do You Get Light Headed During Your First Weeks Of Pregnancy?


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Yes this is normal. Your blood pressure can be lower during early pregnancy, which can cause lightheadedness and fainting. I did it all the time. Also your body temp is raised which is why you feel hot, and the headaches can be caused by all the new hormones rushing about in you.
Most of these symptoms, if not all, will ease off by around 12 weeks. Then you'll have a bunch of new ones!
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Yes you do this is common. The baby is starting to take food and blood from your body so it does make you tiried and light headed. Most likely the morning sickness will come next. I have 6 kids so I know the feeling.
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Hon all I can tell every pregnancy is different  because everyone's body is different  so it may be normal  because of your body going through the change of being pregnant  but I think its normal I never had it but if your still unsure call your doctor  and ask to speak to the nurse  or else the receptionist in the gynocologist offices are pretty smart at answering questions  so just give them a ring and ask but I'm pretty sure it is normal  good luck and congrats
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At 7 weeks, I've certainly noticed that I am!! I've been super forgetful, having trouble multi-tasking (normally I'm a pro at this ...) and am finding myself moving more slowly than usual.  Nothing bad, I guess - it's just not the pace that I'm used to!

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