Can Menstrogen Tablet Remove 2 To 3 Weeks Pregnancy?


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A menstrogen tablet will not remove a two to three week pregnancy; the drug is designed not to affect a fetus in any way. Menstrogen tablets can be taken to induce a period, but of course this will not happen if the woman is pregnant. Either way, menstrogen should not be taken except under the guidance of a doctor. It could be dangerous to your health. If you think you may be pregnant, you should visit a medical center as soon as possible to get checked out. You can then discuss options with a trained professional, who will be able illuminate all possibilities.

  • I'm pregnant, but I don't want the baby - what should I do?

If you discover you are pregnant, and for whatever reasons decide you don't want to keep the baby, you could opt to have an abortion. However, this drastic route should not be taken lightly. In order to get an abortion you should visit your doctor or sexual health center, where you will be referred to a specialist and advised appropriately. Under no circumstances should you attempt to get a 'back street' abortion. This would be very unsafe, and could potentially ruin your chances of ever getting pregnant again.

  • What is an abortion?

An abortion is a process that essentially kills and removes the fetus inside a pregnant woman. Sometimes an abortion may be necessary for medical reasons - for instance, if childbirth could pose an increased threat to the mother - and other times an abortion will take place for personal reasons. For a fetus under twelve weeks old, the pregnant woman must swallow two pills. If the fetus is older than this a more complex procedure must take place, involving physically removing the baby from the woman.
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I've never heard of that.
You can use vitamin c pills within the first month.
If you take vitamin c supplements (without rosehips or riboflavin) once an hour (three before bed) you will start your period within 3-4 days.
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NO! See a doctor NOW!
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Yeah I think but when you hit 4-5 months I think they can't....Depend on how big the baby is..:)
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I would never attempt such a thing without consulting with a doctor first. Yes there is the morning after pill, but this will wreak havoc with your system and may cause further delays in periods. Never attempt an abortion on your own. May end up still pregnant but may cause damage both to you and your fetus
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No, this medicine does not induce abortion but will further strengthen the pregnancy. Don't use it during pregnancy because it can affect baby.
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You have to have a certain mind set to even think abortion, that is killing if you kill innocence you will kill anybody or anything, if you ever get in trouble with the law I wonder why this doesn't come up how many babies one has killed, they talk about children killing animals, cats etc. When growing up and this has a impact on their mental state as they age, to me killing is killing the best to you.....

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