What States Allow Medical Marijuana?


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That sounds serious.  I hope that this site will help:


It lists the states that have approved medical marijuana and gives some additional helpful information.

Keep in mind that although states may O.K. The use of medical marijuana, federal laws DO NOT. So just because you get a prescription doesn't mean you can roll one up on your coffee break.

Good luck.
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Thanks for answering, jessa; and for your sense of humor. I wont roll one on my coffee break! lol
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Please throw me a bone
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I know my state does YES!!! And I live in Colorado
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Yes, this is true. In different states, marijuana can be used for medical purposes. For example, in California, the use of marijuana for medical purposes is legalized. She has 420 evaluations online. Some time ago, I had increased sleepiness and apathy for life. My doctor ordered me to use marijuana in a small dosage to bring my body back to normal. Have you ever used marijuana for medical purposes?

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