What City In California Allows A Resident To Grow 25 Marijuana Plants?


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• The only towns or cities in California that allow you to grow 25 cannabis plants are in the only county that has passed it into law - Mendocino County.

• When the governors of Mendocino County made the ruling in 2000 it became the first county in America to abolish any form of penalty for non-medical use of marijuana. Measure G received a 58% approval passing it into law. The ruling gives provides protection from prosecution for anyone in possession of up to "25 adult female flowering cannabis plants" or a comparable amount in dried marijuana.

• There are several other cities and counties in California that have reduced the enforcement of cannabis laws to the lowest possible level, but this does not protect a citizen from prosecution. These include:

Berkeley's 1979's Marijuana Ordinance II curbed the outlay of funding for the enforcement of marijuana statutes and suggested the City Council be in favor of the legalization of the drug.

In 2004 Oakland passed Proposition Z which would permit taxation on the sale of marijuana should State law allow it.

2006 saw Santa Barbara reduce the enforcement of cannabis laws to the lowest possible level, as did Santa Cruz in 2006.

San Francisco followed suit in the same year with Santa Monica not far behind.

Later in the year West Hollywood City Council adopted the same stance as the other cities
• In late September 2010 Arnold Schwarzenegger, the California Governor, signed a bill that decriminalized the possession of cannabis up to the amount of one ounce. The bill made personal possession an infraction instead of a misdemeanor. This meant that you would no longer need to go to court, if apprehended with 28.5 grams of marijuana or less you would face a $100 fine, in the same manner as a speeding ticket.
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Mendocino county or humboldt
whatever city is in the emerald triangle
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Hi I have a question I live in california how many plants can't I grow whit my medical card?? 
    And I live in los angeles

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