What Can You Put On A Spider Bite To Help It Heal?


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There are a variety of answers to the question of what can be put on a spider bite to heal it and it really depends on what kind of spider bit you.

In order to effectively address a spider bite, you have to have some idea of what type of spider it was. There are a number of spiders that are harmless.  A bite from a non-venomous spider may not require first aid. However, any kind of wound needs to be cleaned properly, cleaned of debris, if there is any, and protected from further exposure. If the bite location is inflamed or painful to the touch, an ice pack can be used to reduce the swelling. Aloe Vera is a good option for reducing or controlling pain.

If these options do not resolve it, then seeking medical attention may be advised as a harmful or venomous spider may have been the culprit. Interestingly enough, with spiders, 80% of bite victims never see what actually bit them. A lot of times people assume they’ve been bitten by a spider, and more times than not, the brown recluse spider is blamed for the bite. It’s important to remember, spiders rarely attack unless threatened (intentioned or unintended).

There are only a few venomous spiders large enough to actually inject venom into the skin; and out of those few spiders, even fewer have venom strong enough to do any real damage.
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Well dear it totally depends that which spider has bit your mom. A large number of spiders are harmless. If your mother got bit by one of such kind, then it may not need first aid. But wound needs to be cleaned properly and clean debris, if any. If your mother is having pain or inflammation, you can use ice pack for the control of inflammation. Aloe Vera is good for its soothing effects and it also help control pain. If none of the things said above are related to your mom condition than you should immediately seek medical care. Hope this helps.
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You need colliad silver and charcole powder, mix the 2 together and make a paste, put it on your spider bite sucre it well with bandage, the silver and charcole will draw the poison out over night

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