Why My Hands And Feet Are Always Red?


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If you have any kind of medical problem that you are even slightly worried about, you should always speak to your doctor. It may be nothing but at least the doctor can put your mind at ease. If it is something that is a cause for concern, then your doctor can begin tests and provide you with some medication.
Red hands and feet can sometimes be a symptom of Candida which is a yeast infection that can get into the blood stream and into major organs. They can sometimes be the result of being on a course of antibiotics or steroids for a completely unrelated problem as antibiotics are often known to cause yeast infections.
Candida needs moist, warm, dark places in order to survive. It also needs a living host. It feeds on carbohydrates, sugars, yeast products, and starches. Foods with high amounts of acid in them throw your ph level off, and an acidic ph level in your body provides the feeding ground for disease and illness to survive.
In order to cure your Candida and red hands and feet, you will need to take an honest look at your eating habits and your current lifestyle. Though there are over the counter drugs that will cure your Candida and red hands and feet, that cure will only be temporary. You need to improve you overall health and diet, increase your exercise and ensure you eat plenty of fruit and vegetables.

You may have red hands and feel simply because you have poor circulation. To increase your circulation you can massage the affected areas, use a hydrotherapy pool, drink plenty of water and when you take a shower, alternate between very hot and very cold water. Plenty of exercise and a healthy diet are the best ways to improve circulation.
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You have Raynaud's phenomenon because I asked my skin doctor and he says that is what it is. But I hate it and wish there was a cure. Nothing helps I tried lotions. So the doctor said there is really nothing he can do. He just gave me this stuff to dry my hands to keep it from sweating. But he says it is verryy strong. I havent used it yet. I can easily hide my feet but, not my hands very well because I can't go around school with gloves on inside. It is very embarrssing and I get a lot of commets, and some of them are not very nice. I don't know what to tell them. My hands and feet get extremly cold and sweaty and changes color due to tempture. They can turn purpleish and then to BRIGHT red. Its usualy bright red most of the time. My mom has it. And sometimes they feel hot and its very weird. Ive heard they react to stress and feelings. And also can be a depression symtom. I do have depression. I am been geting treated for it and my hands and feet still do change color. Other than that I am completely normal. It just makes me mad that I have it. It is worse in the winter and in the summer is less red and purplish, but I can still feel the numbness and sweating and sometims temputere. And its poor circultary system that flowes not the normal night I sometimes have to put on a lot of pairs of socks on my hands and feet and then slippers on my feet. It is crazy, I know. For along time ive had it and never really got a answer of what it was till now. And when I raise my hands over my head, they can turn paler. But I don't want to go around all day with my hands above my head. I am white and verry pale and it looks weird with red hands and feet and sometimes purple. During p.e., they turn purple and I don't know why. I am pretty young though, and in school, a more target for teasers from kids. Even though anyone could tease you. And its very hard get over it. Its downright embarrssing, but sometimes we just can't help it. I mean really, who wants to have discolored feet and hands and get teased??
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Could be what the Chinese call 5 palm heat, a internal condition usually reflecting to much heat in the body
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It is red because you eather have low iron... Or skin problems.... What your best option to do is see the doctor for more information
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It could be realated to Autonomic Dysfunction.  It took me almost 4 years to get my diagnosis.  I went to all the big hospitals here in IL and not one Neurologist would take the time to figure out what was wrong with me!  It all started after a MVA in 2009.  I had minor whiplash and thats all it took to trigger this Autonomic Nervous System dysfunction.  Thank you for one Neuromuscular Neurologist at Rush hospital that decided to pick his brain and not just send me home with another drug Rx!!!!
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You might want to get that checked out, it could be a number of things..,
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I have the same problem with my hands and feet, it is embarrassing and hard to deal with, I wish there could be a cure.
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My friend has red hands, they sometimes go purple? And sometimes his arms start to go red/purple with weird orange splodges. He seems to have no illnesses though.

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