What Causes Hands And Feet To Go To Sleep?


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The thing that causes the limbs such as the hands and feet to feel limb and 'asleep' is due to the cutting off of blood flow to these appendages. This can be caused by lying on those limbs, which therefore puts your weight on top of these limbs causing the blood flow to be cut off. Limbs that have their blood flow tend to give off a 'tingle' type feeling which warns that the blood flow is being cut off. The best way to get rid of these feeling is to get up and move around, which allows the blood to flow back to the affect areas easily.    

Blood flow is the continuous flowing of blood in the cardiovascular system. The human body is made up of several processes all carrying out various functions. We have the gastrointestinal system which aids the digestion and the absorption of food. We also have the respiratory system which is responsible for the absorption of O2 and elimination of CO2 .The urinary system removes waste from the body. The cardiovascular system helps to distribute food, O2 and other product of metabolism. The reproductive system is also worth mentioning, as this system is responsible for the continuation of our species. The nervous and endocrine system is responsible for coordinating the integration and function of other system.

The cells as we know are the basic structure in the human body. These are the cells that make up the bodies of all living things exist in an 'internal sea' of extracellular fluid (ECF) enclosed within the integument of the animal. From this fluid, the cell takes O2 and nutrients into it, they discharge metabolic waste products. In animals with a closed vascular system, the ECF is divided into two components, the interstitial fluid and the circulating blood plasma. The plasma and the cellular elements of the blood, principally red blood cells, fill the vascular system and together they constitute the total blood volume.
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The cause of your hands and feet falling asleep is lack of blood flow. When your hands and feet are in a position where the circulation gets cut off, it makes them tingle to remind you that your body needs the oxygen and blood in that area.  Hope that helps =]
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Usually it happens when circulation of blood is interrupted to feet and hands that can be because of sitting in such kind of posture that veins carrying blood towards hands or feet are pressed and blood fails to reach there. Thus causing them to go to sleep or swell. It is advisable to sit/stand in more comfortable position, exercises like jogging, skipping are also advisable for extreme cases along with good diet with balanced vegetables and meat.
However, It can be because of arthritis too. Take a look at arthritis article for that.
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The loss of circulation of blood in the limbs. Like when you sit on the legs for too long, or lay on your arm for too long. It's because you don't have the circulation that you need. Hope this helps.

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