Why The Bottom Of My Feet Turn Red?


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There could be many reasons why your feet turn red when walking. Unless it's actually painful when you walk, it could simply be a genetic trait that just causes your feet to turn red.
  • There may not actually be anything wrong
The most likely cause of the soles of your feet is simply good circulation. This is due to the fact that your veins and capillaries have no restrictions or blockages, allowing for smooth blood flow. This means that, when you stand up, the blood will tend to rush to your feet a bit, due to gravity drawing it towards the ground. It's kind of the same when you are turned upside-down, and all the blood rushes to your head.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with this, it just means you have excellent circulation.

  • Some information on poor circulation symptoms
Poor circulation is more associated with color loss in body parts. For example, Raynaud's Disease. It causes your extremities (toes, fingers, nose) to lose blood circulation in cold weather. This causes the extremities to turn bright white, and then blue. This could also be accompanied by numbness of the area affected.
  • Hot weather can cause skin irritation
Another cause could be just dry skin. When walking on a hot beach for extended periods of time, your feet can become red from the heat of the sand, leading to dry skin. If your skin is red and itchy, however, there may be some for of allergic reaction to a kind of grass that you have trodden on, if walking barefoot recently.

  • Changing your style of shoe can also have this effect
The soles of your feet can also become red when changing shoes. This is due to different sole textures, which may rub or aggravate your feet, causing a redness on the bottoms. This is purely just irritation. It can also be caused by wearing flip-flops, where there is a lot of rubbing due to the constant movement of the shoe on the foot.
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Well I would need more information to help you. Did you get a pedicure lately?
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I gave myself a pedicure at home. However, my feet have always been this way, at least for many years. Recently friends have asked about this.

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