How Long Does It Take For Speed (meth) To Leave The Body?


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Methamphetamine is a psycho-stimulant drug. Commonly known as meth, or crystal meth, it’s a Class A drug under UK law and of similar prohibition in the US, with both countries not only banning the use of the drug but also production.
Misuse can be test for easily. Meth shows positive in blood between 1-3 days, a further 2 days in urine, and can be traced in hair follicles for up to 90 days. Habitual or chronic use can mean blood and urine detection for almost the same length of time as the hair follicle detection.
The drug itself exits your body that quickly, but the after-effects don’t disappear. Drug tests search for the metabolite that the body produces post-ingestion. Frequent use prolongs the length of time the specific metabolite lasts in the system.
Other symptoms are those physical and mental affects that usage has. Meth is used to improve energy levels and increase alertness, but high doses and a high addiction rate mean it’s very dangerous. The chemical triggers a mass release of dopamine. Addicts find they are more prone to developing psychosis, similar to schizophrenia. They are also vulnerable to anxiety problems, repetitive and obsessive behaviour, paranoia, violent tendencies and subsequent depression and fatigue should you attempt to withdraw. Cognitive deficits are also a common side effect, and include memory loss, impaired attention and poor executive function capacity. This deterioration is associated with Parkinson’s Disease and can develop into it.
Methamphetamine usage has a strong association with suicide, but also with physical cardiovascular damage, which can cause and accelerate heart disease.
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Meth has a half life (conservatively speaking) of about 12 hours, so in 12 hours, 50% of it is gone; in 24 hours, 75% is gone. After 48 hours you are about 93% clean, and in 72 hours you are getting close to 100%. Of course, if your liver is overtaxed or if you have been taking drugs for days and days, it could take longer for the drug to metabolize.
You can try jump-starting your liver with milk-thistle tea (a common detox tea).
One study claimed that the rapidity of meth metabolism is related to the acidity of your urine -- the more acidic the better (the scientists did not know why this was the case). So, to make your urine more acidic, eat eggs, beans, sour cream or aged cheese, and drink lots of cranberry juice.
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Speed will be out your blood and urine in no more than 3 days, I know this through experience.
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The speed, meth or cocaine are same things. The half life of cocaine is14-52 hours. It means it will take almost 5 days to be eliminated from body through urine. But cocaine has its many active metabolite which have their own elimination life more than cocaine itself. So. Cocaine after single dose will be eliminated after at least one week but it will take 100 days to get out of hair follicle. There is no fastest way to remove it from body.
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Methamphetamine is a psycho-stimulant drug. Its miss use can be tested for drug abuse. It can show positive results when tested in blood, urine or hair follicles. In blood, it can be tested positive for 1-3 days in blood, in urine for 3-5 days and in hair follicle test for 90 days.
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Most sources list 2.75-3.25 days. Stop using, stay hydrated, take some vitamin C, and if you are getting a urine test drink some extra water and try to pee a couple hours before the test at least. Don't drink too much water because they will detect it was a "diluted sample" which usually means they either automatically fail you or do a hair test can detect use up to 3 months ago.

If you can't go three days without using, you likely have a serious physical dependency and likely an addiction as well.

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