How Long Does It Take For Staples To Dissolve In The Body?


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Dissolvable staples (known as dermal staples) can take up to 6 weeks to dissolve.

Doctors also use surgical steel staples which obviously don't dissolve - and need to be removed.

How long does it take for staples to dissolve? The dissolvable staples that doctors use take around 6-8 weeks to dissolve on average.

However - according to reports that I've read - this timescale is by no means always exact.

Dissolvable staples will often be used in place of metal staples or other types of suturing, and are often accompanied by the use of medical glue.

If you're interested in seeing pictures of the typical progress of dissolvable staples, why not check out the website of one of the medical manufacturers that supply them.

A good example would be

Dissolvable staples and surgery

Dissolvable staples are often used for suturing large, clean incisions.

The most common types of operation in which dissolvable staples are used are gastric surgery and C-sections.

Although they are perfectly safe to use, dissolvable staples have received criticism for their effectiveness in preventing infection.

People have also reported an extended and unsatisfactory healing process as one major complaint against their use.
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I had a C-section on October 12, 2011. The doctors used dissolvable staples to close my uterus. These staples will dissolve in a few weeks.
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Stapling is much faster than suturing by hand, and also more accurate and consistent citationneeded. Staples are primarily used in bowel and lung surgery, because staple lines are more consistent and therefore less likely to leak blood, air or bowel contents. Still, several randomized controlled trials have shown no significant difference in bowel leakage after anastomoses performed either manually with suture by experienced surgeons, or after mechanical anastomoses with staples. In skin closure, dermaladhesives (skin glues) are also an increasingly common alternative.

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Staples do not dissolve because they are made from stainless steel, titanium etc. Some stitches are dissolve-able which can take 1-2 weeks to dissolve.
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Um yeah actually they do..there's a certain kind made for that..I have them in my stomach right now from my c-section.

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