If I Am Not A Habitual Smoker How Long Will It Take For One Hit Of Marijuana To Leave My System?


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This is a bit late but I'm putting it here anyway. The other two answers are 100 percent absolutely wrong and you idiots should research what you answer about before you scare some soul half to death! 1 toke of marijuana will take less than 48 hours to be undetectable in urine. Approx 10 days for your system to be completely clear and months to get out of your hair. The reason it takes so long is because cannabis is not water soluble and sticks to your fat cells, causing the body to metabolize it very slowly in comparison to other drugs. A good site to check for more info is www.erowid.com Thinking it takes months to clear your system (blood/urine) is a common misconception.
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There is a chance that you could pass a test within days of taking that hit..and that is only if you get lucky. I did the same thing once and actually passed 3 days later. Normally, no matter how little of a drug you use it will still take the same amount of time to leave the system. With marijuana it is usually 30 days.
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It will take at least 30 days to leave your system. Possibly longer.
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If that hit contained THC (and its safe to assume it did) it will take at least 30 days for it to clear your system

To be absolutely clear ...

One toke can make you fail a drugs test for at least 30 days (you will show positive for THC)


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