Lump Slightly Smaller Than A Jelly Bean Midway Between My Scrotum And Anus; Just Left Of Center. The Lump Is Fairly Solid And Just Under The Skin. What Is This?


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A hard lump between anus and scrotum could have anyone of a variety of causes. A list of possible causes is listed below, although it should be noted that these are not in any way to be mistaken for an expert medical diagnosis, they are merely possibilities gleaned from a range of sources.

  • Possible Causes of a Bump between Scrotum and Anus
One possibility is a harmless skin tag or some type of skin condition, which can be easily treated. Another possibility is a normal lymph node, a likely suspect in the area mentioned, known as the perineum. This is unlikely to grow or disappear, but is little cause of concern. It could be an abscess, although this is unlikely, as abscesses are usually severely painful; this also applies to cysts, Lipoma or cancer. Hair follicle infections and clogged sweat glands also tend to be at least tender to the touch.

  • What to Do
Opinions vary from source to source. While some suggest waiting whether there are any changes before consulting a doctor, others believe that is it best to seek medical advice straight away, if nothing else than to confirm that there is no cause for concern.

  • Diagnosis and Treatment
What is the actual cause can not be determined without proper medical training. As we do not have this training, our advice has to be restricted to suggesting a visit to a doctor.

He or she will either be able to determine the cause immediately or decide whether tests of any kind will be needed to pin-point the cause of the lump. In any case, once the cause has been established, any necessary treatment can then be decided on. Treatments range from ointments to curses of antibiotics for infections to minor surgical procedures, such as draining an abscess or cyst, for instance.
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The place between scrotum and anus is ideal place for such type lumps in those peoples who use bike frequently and also sit on chairs on job. There are no treatments of this. Only change in lifestyle can help you. Change your seat in office and change seat covers of bike or car.
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Yo man I got the same thing I ride bikes a decent amount but I usually sit in a chair all day, can you guys tell me if I should go to the doctor or have it treated.

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