Why Am I Having Unusual Cramping And Heavy Clotting?


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After my last 2 kids that is what happened to me. And apparently it can happen. It isn't considered normal. Go to your ob/gyn and ask for options. There are several. Going on the mini pill; a new IUD called Mirena is really excellent at helping this; they can do a kind of scraping/cauterizing of your uterus that helps some women. I went through HELL like that for almost 2 years and it kept getting worse. I kept thinking it would get better and that it couldn't get worse--and it would get worse. I wouldn't be able to leave my house for 2-3 days a month it was so bad. The cramps would get so bad I would feel nauseated. And the clots were beyond anything anyone should have to deal with.It was horrible. So I know what you are going through. And it only happened after the kids were born. I was fine before that.
I finally got the Mirena IUD and it literally changed my life. The cramping is tolerable, the clotting is gone and I barely have a period at all anymore. It is amazing. I have not had a single negative side effect.
Go to your dr. See what your options are. Don't wait.
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I'm sorry to say this, but most likely, you had a miscarriage. The stabbing pelvic bone cramps could be the contraction of your uterus forcing out the blood clots. Although frightening, blood clots could also mean that your miscarriage is complete and you would not need a D&C.  But just to be safe, I would suggest you to go emergency right away because of the loss of blood. You would probably be given medicine to stop further loss of blood.  Take care. 

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