I Have A Lump On The Right Side Of My Neck. What Could It Be?


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I agree with Bunjen...Good possibility it may be cancer.

I had one on the right side of my neck also. It was not sore, was firm to the touch. I was there for about a year or maybe longer and then it started to get larger till it was 1/2 the size of a peach pit.

Well I went to the Doctor which treated me for infection with 3 different antibiotics with zero results !

Then he decided to draw fluid from it, It came back showing no cancer cells. Then over the next week it went crazy growing in size. I was scheduled with a surgeon for a biopsy of lymph nodes in my neck. When those results came back 3 days later, it was cancer. ( Squamous Cell )

They scheduled me for Chemo Treatments, then for radiation treatment. They measured the tumor at that time. It was 9 1/2 cm long x 8 1/2 cm wide, they don't know how thick it was.

It was a very treatable cancer, one of the best to have since I seemed to have to have one. Looooooong story short, the tumor shrank like they said it would. They then operated and removed what was left of the tumor, it was tested, no live cells.

All this happened in 2002. I am cancer free still to this day. It was a really scary time in my life, but it all worked out. I'm alive and cancer free.

So to everyone reading this. If you have a lump or bump that does not go away in a few days, or is not sore, or keeps getting larger... You really need to see a Doctor.

Not all lumps or bumps are cancer, there are cycists, inflammed glands, and a fairly long list of other thing it could be. So don't panic thinking you have cancer or dying....LET A TRAIND PROFESSIONAL tell you what the problem is, you would really be amased at how many things it could be that are harmless.

Just Please Get It Checked , so you will know.

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It can be your lymph nodes, TB or it can be a goiter. It can be other things too, only a doctor can tell for sure.

If it is closer to your ear, behind it by the lobe, it could be a sign of Tuberculosis.

If it is closer to your jawbone under your ear, it could be lymph nodes swelling due to infection like a cold.

If it is closer to the front side of your neck, it could be a goiter, caused by a serious lack of iodine.

For more information if you think it is a goiter, you can look at this website which is not by a doctor but by my daughter whose husband has a goiter and she has done extensive studying online to compiled a list of info about thyroid, goiters, iodine...

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My lump is the size of a half penny and is hard and painless. Its been there for about a year and is slowly getting bigger. I feel tired and unwell. The lump is on the back right hand side of my neck and is flesh coloured what is this lump
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Could just be your sinuses draining.sometime lymph nodes get swelled up this time of year and they are all in and around your neck and ears
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It might be a lymph node. They develop when your body fight infection. Or most likely it could be thyroid trouble. Or the other reason could be tonsillitis. These are most common causes of throat pain.

There are many questions that needs to be answered before a proper diagnosis. Is your sore throat accompanied by a cold? Have your sore throat persisted much longer than usual? Have you swallowed a fish bone? Is your nose blocked up? Only a doctor can diagnose this.
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Oh my god I have a small lump a little above my adams apple.. It doesnt hurt but I keep touching it because I'm always so paranoid.....I'm going to go to the dr, I jus want some advice on what it culd b so I'm not surprised when I find out.. I'm only 15 nd my aunt had cancer/
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Bunjen… this medical problem of yours is surely a complicated one. I am sorry to say but this seems like a cancer of some sort. Having a lump which is for the moment painless is a dominant symptom of cancer. Please go to your doctor and consult him about this issue.

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